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Consulting, Planning, Installation and Repair Services Offered by Classic Openings.

Classic Openings offers a full range of services related to the products we sell. Classic Openings is an established, trust-worthy company with a large service area. There are many competitors in all of our product areas and it is our top-notch service that distinguishes Classic Openings from the pack.

Commercial Projects

All over North Texas including Fort Worth, Dallas and surrounding suburbs and cities, we work with developers, builders, architects, as well as building owners. No commercial window, door, or skylight project is too big for Classic Openings, and we stand behind our work.

Residential Projects

We work with home owners and builders all over the North Texas and Dallas/Fort Worth area. We stand ready to consult with you; plan and install, or repair your project involving windows, window coverings, doors, doggie doors, sky lights, glass blocks, and screen enclosures. The links on this page will give you specific information on the steps in consulting, planning and installing, and repairing.

Consulting Services


Welcome to an overview of our consultation services. Are you researching a solution to a specific new or existing building construction project involving windows, window coverings, doors, decorative door accessories, skylights, glass block, or screen enclosures? Please read on.

Our Classic Openings consultation services are free. We offer the services to help you learn the range of possible solutions and more directly to show you what Classic Openings can offer you to get the project moving. We listen hard to understand the priorities and concerns that you have. We show and explain the range of solutions and the pros and cons of the solutions. Depending on your project, a phone call or in-showroom consultation may work best.

We work with home owners, businesses, contractors, and architects. As well-established experts in windows, skylights, glass blocks, and doors we can help you get the answers you need.

Our goal with any consultation with you is to gather together enough information to propose solution(s) that you will be pleased with based on your priorities. We will lay out the steps between the consulting session(s) through the proposal by us that bridges to planning, and installation. You will know what to expect and when and for how much. You will know what is included in the price and what is excluded.

Our web site has quite a lot of information and links about different solutions for new or replacement windows, doors, screen enclosures, glass blocks and skylights. Help yourself to what is available here and when you are ready drop by or call us.

In the products section of our web site we discuss some of the new technologies going into windows and skylights and what makes them more energy efficient, "green", and attractive solutions. In sections of this "consultation services" page we look at a few consultation scenarios

Note: Consulting on how to measure and what to watch out for wrt door or window replacement? Repair and replacement parts: identify for windows, doors, skylights, glass blocks, screen enclosures. Some items are catalogued as accessories and others are replaceable parts.

Consulting on Skylights

We love skylights. A well-placed skylight can brighten up a room and save energy as well. Look at our skylight products section and then try out the VELUX Visualizer to get started.

Consulting on Windows

What are your priorities for your windows? Do you need to reduce exposure to UV or the sun's heat by delicate furnishings? Are you in a noisy area and wish to use the windows to block out some of the sound? Are you looking for shatter-proof windows? What about aesthetics?

Please look at our window (also window covering) product sections and give us a call or send in a request for estimate.

Consulting on Window Coverings

Window coverings serve privacy, noise abatement, heating/cooling concerns and can add a real look of luxury to any room. We would be happy to talk with you about your window covering project.

Consulting on Doors & Pet Doors

Does your front door do justice to your property? We can help you figure out the alternatives.

Consulting on Enclosure Screens

Living in North Texas is wonderful - when you can actually enjoy the outdoors without spraying for mosquitos or sundry other insects. A full-up enclosure screen for your patio area can be done more economically than you might expect.

Consulting on Glass Blocks

Are glass blocks retro or old-fashioned? We don't think so. Glass blocks can provide a hint of the outdoors and yet offer security.

Planning Services

Introduction to Planning the Classic Openings Way

No project is too small to not have a plan. Why? Because with a good plan all parties come to agreement on what are the tasks, how are they sequenced, what are the milestones, deliveries and payments.

The carpenter's saying goes "Measure twice; cut once." That is what we do, only the care and attention to detail extends to every aspect of our interaction with you. Depending on the nature of the project, we may make more than one visit to the site and you may make more than one visit to our showroom. Our showroom has an extensive collection of products and product catalogs. Our gallery has many examples of windows, doors, skylights, and related items.

Planning Commercial Projects

We are proud of our track record on commercial projects. We have been working with developers, home builders, architects and engineers for decades. No commercial skylight, window or door project is too large for us to sink our teeth into. Please call us for references applicable to your kind of project

Planning for Residential Window Projects

Part of the consultation process is choosing window brand and type. Today, many window manufacturers have interactive planning capability on their web sites. That is a good place to start.

Replacement Window Projects ... Do not assume that a replacement project is a piece of cake. Construction materials and techniques change and that affects the type of window that can be retro-fitted.

Planning for Residential Door Projects

Rule #1: Do not assume that a replacement project is a piece of cake. Construction materials and techniques change and that affects what can go into that gaping hole.

Did you know that in many cases we can add a pet door to an existing wooden door. It is custom work though.

Planning for Residential Skylight Projects

How precise do measurements have to be? What to measure for? Let our experts assist.

Replacement Skylight Projects. There are some great new products by VELUX.

Planning for Windows Coverings Projects

Let us help in thinking through the covering type and dimensions so that the final result will be one that you are totally pleased with.

Planning for Projects Involving Screen Enclosures

Screen enclosure planning can be tricky. We know how to plan the job.

Installation Services

Introduction to our Installation Services

We take great pride in our installation services. We are prompt and efficient and we work intelligently to ensure that the installation meets yours and our standards, including site cleanup.

Classic Openings will install for you any of the door, door accessory, window, window covering, skylight, screen enclosure, or glass block products that we sell. We also install products which you have purchased on your own. In such installations, there are considerations involved such as that the product should be in original packaging and undamaged, though our rules are flexible.

Our installation work is guaranteed for 90 days. Products are covered under their own warranties.

Repair Services

Introduction to Classic Openings Repair Services

Classic Openings Advanced Window & Door Systems is happy to offer to repair a problem door, leaky or cracked window, touch pad for lock that stops working, malfunctioning shutter, torn or ripped screen, hail-damaged sky light, grouting problems of glass blocks and anything else that involves an "opening" of some sort. It's in our name!