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WeatherShield Zo-e-Shield

Extremely Energy Efficient Insulated Glass System

An extremely energy efficient insulated glass system is now available. It was introduced at the National Home Builders show in Orlando in early 2007. All Energy Star requirements are substantially exceeded by this new technology.

We have literature available and hands-on demonstrations available for anyone interested or as part of a Green-related meeting or presentation. Just give us a call to set up a demonstration in our showroom, or to schedule an off-premises presentation.

Please see also WeatherShield Zo-e-Shield Glass Solutions for WeatherShield information and Zo-e-Shield Solutions for Visions Windows and Doors product information.

Cut-Away Diagram of Zo-e-shield 5 Glass

What is Zo-e-shield 5 Glass

What is it?

Zo-e shield 5 is a combination of a new Low-E3 coating with EasyCare and an Argon/Krypton gas fill. The combination of these elements along with a warm-edge spacer system gives our customers one of the highest performing insulated glass systems on the market today. In addition, the outter glass is double strength, which is more rigid, and minimizes stress cracks as well as sound transmissivity. This technology is an exclusive for the Schield Family Companies (Visions, Peachtree, Vetters, Crestline, and Weather Shield).

Benefits of Zo-e-shield Glass

  • Over 30% reduction in solar heat gain over standard Low-E
  • 33% estimated savings on cooling expenses
  • Blocks 95% of damaging UV rays
  • Special EasyCare coating on exterior keeps windows cleaner longer
  • In the winter, Zo-e-shield glass surfaces reflect heat back into a room
  • The addition of an Argon / Krypton gas mix improves the overall thermal efficiency of the glass
  • Flexible warm-edge spacer system
  • Creates an effective insulating barrier against heat flow
  • Reduces heat loss
  • Reduces thermal stress cracks
  • Reduces condensation that can cause mold and mildew
  • Reduced seal failures (fogged glass)
  • Thicker exterior glass for more durability, less flexing and distortion due to wind loads, fewer stress cracks,less noise transmissivity, and more overall window stability.
  • High performance Zo-e Shield 5 insulated glass includes Low-E cubed (triple coating).